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Amazon Best Seller in Retirement Planning category
Grand Prize Winner - CIBA 2022 HARVEY CHUTE Awards

Can anyone really afford to retire anymore?

With the rising cost of living, the shrinking or shifting job market, and the lasting effects of Covid and other pandemics to come - most Americans are finding retirement is becoming a fleeting dream they may never realize. Every 4 out of 10 middle-class Americans are considered liquid asset poor and one paycheck away from poverty.

Reconfigurement™ focuses on the importance of planning ahead, working in a job you love, and having lots of fun before you retire. Fleischauer covers testing for career aptitudes, investing, life protection, affordable health insurance then retirement planning, long-term care alternatives, 401(k) or IRA, and Social Security strategies, with a section debunking various Social Security myths.

E. Alan Fleischauer is an award-winning author and poet, as well as a highly regarded financial management professional and fiduciary. In each short and to-the-point chapter, Fleischauer engages his readers with personal insights and his witty humor along the way.

Reading Reconfigurement™ may be the best investment of time you ever made.

Enjoy, have peace of mind, and change your life!

Rescued (JT Thomas Adventures Book #1)

2019 CIBA Awards Grand Prize Winner for Western Fiction
John Thurgood Thomas wasn’t looking for trouble, treasure, or love. But when JT came across a wagon full of kidnapped women, his Sharps 50 caliber would put him on a path to all of those -- along with murder, mayhem, and mystery. From the Colorado plains and mountains of the Old West to the gilded hotels and restaurants of New York, ride with a man who stands up to evil with his guns, fists, brains, and heart. Through it all, JT stays true to his friends and lethal to his enemies.

Hunted (JT Thomas Adventures Book #2)

When JT Thomas lost the love of his life to her murderous husband in New York, he returned to the Colorado mountains where it all began. But soon he was fighting for his own survival against an outlaw posse and his old enemy, Jean Cantrell, as well as the brutal winter cold. With nothing but his wits and will to live, can JT beat the odds and turn the tables on his hunters? And who is this mysterious, wild protector that seems, somehow, so familiar? Ride with JT and find the answers.

Kidnapped (JT Thomas Adventures Book #3)

As JT Thomas sets out for new horizons in Arizona, an old enemy reappears and abducts his beautiful ward Madeline. His new detectives -- the “Tommies” -- are on the case, but can they rescue her in time? Danger and action abound in this wide-ranging story. BONUS: Includes the novella JT Thomas: The Early Years.

Tommies (JT Thomas Adventures Book #4)

A must-read for the followers of JT Thomas and all lovers of classic Westerns with a twist.

JT Thomas’s new detective agency—Tommies—has arrived on the scene to bring protection to the brave pioneers of the Wild West. But they soon face a grave challenge from an evil, murderous land baron who owns the local lawmen and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Meanwhile, JT balances a tragic past and a prosperous future in his new Arizona ranch, the Ponderosa, all the while building a legacy called JT’s World that will transform the desert wastes into a vast, thriving complex and a theater showcase for his talented ward, Madeline.

JT's WorldLaramie Award (JT Thomas Adventures Book #5)

2022 CIBA Awards Grand Prize Winner for Americana Historical Fiction

Action and intriguing characters, new and old, abound in the final book in the JT Thomas Western series.

Murder in a bowling alley.

The Grand Opening of JT's World, a magnificent amusement park featuring a sky-high Ferris wheel and an theater featuring JT's ward Madeline.

The trial of murderous twins and the unique defense — and dangerous plots—presented by their corrupt defense attorney, Aaron Zamora.

The abduction of Theo, the son of JT's gorgeous new fiancée,

JT's World is a fast-paced tale with twists and turns that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Decimation (How the West Was Won and Lost Series Book #1)

Two stolen horses and a backwoods clan bent on revenge sets the stage for an unlikely partnership between a drifter looking to escape his past and a crafty kid raised in the wilderness.

Decimation is the first book in E. Alan Fleischauer’s How the West Was Won and Lost series, painting a vivid picture of the beginning of the end of the Old West.

Annihilation (How the West Was Won and Lost Series Book #2)

In the aftermath of the Gold Rush era, Clayton “Colt” Colter travels the vast expanses of a rapidly changing nation. Leaving his old life behind, he faces the harsh realities and glittering promises of a country on the move, powered by the new Transcontinental Railroad. As he finds a new, unexpected purpose, he touches the lives of the best and worst of the people of the New West.

Just Die

Amazon Best Seller and First Prize Winner of the 2020 CIBA Award for Paranormal Fiction.
Shortly after Jake Silver, a successful young financial advisor sells his business, he suffers a mild stroke and ends up in the hospital. Thanks to some clot-busting drugs, he recovers rapidly, only to find he's not the man he used to be. When he discovers that he can point his finger at anything -- red squirrels, marauding coyotes, drug lords, dictators -- and make it die on the spot, Jake has to decide whether to use his powers for the good of the country. Smart, fast-paced, and entertaining, this thriller from award-winning author E. Alan Fleischauer belongs on the same shelf as the books of Vince Flynn, John Grisham, and James Patterson and Steven King.

The Doctor is Invisible (Unusual Death Series Book #1)

When a freak accident left Dr. Treavor Storm suddenly invisible, his life was turned upside down in an instant. His career, his engagement, his faith, and every other aspect of his normal life was in jeopardy at best, impossible at worst.

Soon, though, his family and his friends were asking for the kind of help only someone who was invisible could provide. Suddenly, his curse could become a blessing for those in need. As word spread, he began to be recruited by law enforcement and government agencies for vital and dangerous missions.

But what were the lines he would not cross? Could his heroics make up for his lost life and love? Is some Divine Plan at work? These are the questions he struggles to answer as he faces the possibilities and costs of his unwanted invisibility.

Invisible Death (Unusual Death Series Book #2)

Dr Treavor Storm and Jake Silver were ordinary men until they suddenly gained extraordinary powers. Now Treavor is an invisible man and Jake has the power to kill by simply pointing and saying, “just die.” It’s not long before their abilities come to the attention of people with their own agendas, both for good and evil.

Follow their wide-ranging and fast-paced adventures as they lay their lives on the line in the service of friends, family, and the security of the Free World. Danger, triumph, and tragedy are all in a day’s work for this heroic duo as they struggle to know – and do – the right thing.

Just Another Morning

These stories are based on holidays and special events in the United States. They vary in length from short fiction to a novella. The cover depicts the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, and the plane crashes that changed our world forever. The title of the book and one of the stories is Just Another Morning, which it was, until it wasn’t. The book is dedicated to the people who died on that day and to the survivors whose lives were changed inexorably, and especially to the first responders, the brave men and women who rushed into harm’s way, many never to be seen again. More than a decade later, America still remembers. And we thank you.

Charlie Lou Goes to the Rodeo

Join Charlie Lou as she goes to her first rodeo with her Grandpa Alan. While her grandpa is getting cotton candy, Charlie Lou notices a classmate with autism who is being bullied. Using her quick thinking, she confronts the bully and defends her friend…but the bully retaliates and chases Charlie Lou right into the bulls’ arena. Coming face to face with a live bull, Charlie Lou does the only thing she can think of: befriending the bull and offering it cotton candy!

A story about courage, kindness, and acceptance, Charlie Lou Goes to the Rodeo is an entertaining and inspiring must-read for all children.